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It has been said that we are all  just visitors on this earth and, when we depart, the mark we leave will be represented merely by THE DASH between the dates on our gravestone .  The worth of our life will not be measured by what we have accumulated, but more by what we have given back. The truest measure of charity is to give what you don't have.  For some it is money; for most of us it is time. "

Make The Dash Count was founded in Gig Harbor, Washington in 2003 by Hope Moore. But, as with any good idea, she had a lot of help bringing it to life. Her inspiration came from her mother, Christine Wallett, who lived by the phrase "life is not a dress rehearsal". Andrea and Ron Chick, both 30-year educators in Wayland, Massachusetts were Hope's sounding boards as she developed the youth board concept.  Ron went on to facilitate the Metro West board for 8 years. Jake and Stacey Guadnola were instrumental in developing the core youth board curriculum and they continue to facilitate the founding South Sound board.  Jarrod and Ali Boyle shared Hopes' vision of planting the seeds of philanthropy in our youth and helped her cultivate her ideas into what is now the Foundation.

Christine Wallett