Paul Kwon is a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School.  Paul loves how volunteering with the board allows him to "learn more about the community and a new perspective".

Caitlyn Ye is a junior at Stadium High School.  In her next three years on the board, Caitlyn hopes to "make positive change in the community around her and gain a better understanding of the process of philanthropy".

Brian Yoo  is a senior at Raisbeck Aviation High School.  This year, Brian's goal is "to learn ways to make a positive impact in our community and hopefully make some changes". 

Gunnar Appleton is a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School.  This yer, Gunnar wants to learn more about the value of philanthropy by "making a positive difference for the youth in his community".

Isaac Yi  is a senior at Stadium High School.  Isaac's main focus for this year is "to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying issues within our community".

Hannah Altayar is a senior at the Annie Wright Upper School for Girls.  To Hannah, a successful year for the board means being able to see that "we have made a thoughtful and impactful change in our community". 

Alie McDougall is a junior at Charles Wright Academy.  This year, Alie hopes to "meet others who share a similar passion to make a positive impact in our community".

Meet Our Members !

the south sound youth board - meet our members!

Luqman Shibly is a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School.  Luqman joined the board to "gain valuable lessons that also benefit the community".

Anna Parrott is a junior at the Annie Wright Upper School for Girls.  When asked about her goals for the board this year, Anna said she wants to "contribute her opinions and time towards  meaningful community change".

For its 2020 - 2021 session, our group is focusing on combating financial instability within historically marginalized communities.

Alicia Mathurin  is the advisor of Make The Dash Count's South Sound Youth Board. 

Amy Ojeaburu is a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School. This year, Amy wishes to "gain a deeper insight about not only the nonprofit process, but also the issues that some of the most marginalized people in our community face".

The South Sound Board is comprised of students from schools throughout the Pierce and King Counties.  We represent eight local high schools with a diverse group of members from sophomores to seniors.  

Our board was founded in 2002 and continues to inspire the next generation of philanthropic leaders.